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Leather Colour and Treatment Services

 Leather Maintenance Service.  For your convenience our experienced team of Leather Technicians, can perform the following professional Leather Maintanence Services which should be maintained quarterly: Clean & Condition Scratches, Scuff Marks, Nicks & Cuts Discolouration ...

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Leather Repair Service. Don't throw out your favourate leather couch just because it has started to sag & you are finding it harder to get up from or the frame broken or maybe a tear. We can repair your couch with a professional finish that will leave you pleased. Why should you use ...

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Mould Issues

Mould is a terrible thing! This has been cleaned on 1 side using our special formula for mould removal. As you all know mould has been a real issue this past year because of our extreme weather conditions, the rain & heat have been helped to keep the mould spoors alive & it won't matter ...

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